Bedroom love.

Fantastic Frank is selling this apartment in central Stockholm right now. I fell madly in love with the whole place but especially the super stylish bedroom. Living there is (or was) one of Fantastic Franks own interior stylists, Tomas Lingsell. 

I don't know Tomas personally but I often see him in my neighborhood and I always notice him because of what he is wearing. His style is very scandinavian and minimalistic. Only monochrome colors in nice materials and a perfect mix between sporty and preppy. And with that very important personal touch. For me he is a roll model when it comes to style! So exiting to see how this man lives. And yes, I think his home is very lovely and personal too. See the rest of the place here.

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  1. Vet du var man kan få tag i de tre tavlorna? :) /Sanna

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